Gumball Head

As the transition of leadership comes to its conclusion between myself and the “board” of the Kalamazoo Sangha, I am making preparations to switch this website over to a personal blog site for myself. While the name will most likely remain what it is for now, I have completely separated myself from the Refuge Recovery Kalamazoo program. I will remain active in the sister Sanghas. They (kzoo) will be changing their name as well, so as soon as that happens-this website name will change. Until then-it is what it is.

So, what is Gumball Head? Well, I have been told that my brain is like a gumball machine full of bouncy balls and you never know what you are going to hear from me. This….is absolute truth. I have been mindful of what I have said, especially lately-but it is regularly obscure when I do speak. Compare it to maybe a junk drawer on a trampoline. It is already chaotic and cluttered, bounced on a trampoline you never know where everything is going to land. This in essence-is how my mind works.

Moving forward with this project, keep in mind that my views an opinions are simply intellectually mine, including my words and statements. A lot of what I say is hullaballo, but it is from the mind of an addict in recovery. This is what I am, and noone can take these victories away from me. Even those who make assertions or judgement, are responsible for themselves. This goes in everyday life as well as via the internet. You are welcome to comment and give feedback and my responses are intended to be interactive. Keeping my mind and wit sharp in the process.

Please please please enjoy the content of this page, like follow and subscribe. Share it and participate…..enjoy it. If there is ever a topic you want me to write about, please feel free to send an email to

Stick around….things may get wild.

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