And on and on and on anon anon

Hello all and welcome to another exploration of the ball.

This week has been a hell of a week for me. First off let me set the stage as I so regularly do. I am approaching 6 months (again) of solid sobriety. Want to know something weird though? NO URGES! But, how. Well, because I learned something about this recovery thing, and it absolutely works……networking and community.

Networking and community you say, how is that possible, well let me tell you that once I eliminated a shit load of negativity out of my life, I responded with love to all things that were negative, and started to see the good during the bad, I started realizing that the community I surrounded myself with-was the ability to learn.

Networking you say? Well, yes….talking to people, finding out what works and what doesn’t, around the tables, in the rooms, talk about my recovery-don’t overshare, but share enough that people ask questions. When you get uncomfortable with a conversation, sit and meditate with it and return to the conversation at a later time…..IT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY TO TALK ABOUT RECOVERY!!!!!

Let me put this here real quick so that you can see a creative outlet that affords us the ability to understand what truthfully happens in our recovery. While you are there, give the page a quick like and set notifications.

So, I had to put my dog of 14 years down yesterday, and difficult to deal with, but I did so soberly. I witnessed my sons graduation party, and that was difficult for me as well too. A plethora of good news too and an emotional shit storm ensued. The best thing about it, was that it was difficult to compartmentalize all of the emotions, however I did it. As seen above, I believe it speaks for itself.

I hope you all enjoy 🙂

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