Addiction: The Multiverse

So, my attempt at a 10 minute video was again, a failure. However, I worked through some things plaguing my mind and did so creatively without using. I celebrated 6 months this time again yesterday. I guess celebration is not such a great “term” so to speak, but I obtained another 6 months consistent of recovery. That being said, I did so while utilizing the constructs of my fellowship via Refuge Recovery, the Recovery Dharma Collective, Alcoholics Anonymous and my personal project (Gumball Head) which has been incremental to my recovery, as I utilize it as a creative outlet.

As time has passed since my departure from the Kalamazoo organization that I founded in 2017, I have also learned a lot about my own personal recovery. I have met a lot of great people, and I have met a lot of wonderful souls. I have met some exceptionally educated buddhists along the way as well. My network grows and grows on a regular basis. This weekend, Refcon 5 is in Chicago. I am looking forward to getting away and finding solace in my family of people, in which I found my solid recovery-I am looking to reaffirm my roots and hug those that have hugged me long distance.

Tonights videos has spawned some interesting concepts and some substantial stimulus into my brain. I am looking forward to doing more of these videos-and I love the interaction it affords me. Please, feel free to take a look at the video when you get a moment. Skip to some point in the middle and watch for 2 minutes. If you like what you hear, start it from the beginning and watch it all. If you want to hear something discussed, let me know and I will put the Ball spin on it.

Much Metta to you all!



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