Why Izzat

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another edition of the Gumball Head Blog. Tiday I want to address some things that have weighed on me for a minute and to express some concerns for some people out there. First and foremost, I want to state that miscommunications lead to misunderstanding. When one is misunderstood, or an immediate stance is taken based on information, we often assume the worst of the parties involved.

So, this being said, I talked about taking the good from the bad, and determining on how to make that happen. When situations such as a misinformed communication occurs, it often gets distributed and convoluted. Work with that and be the change. You will be shot down, but don’t give up. When people push back, dig in and drive harder. Noone watches you harder than the haters.

1 thought on “Why Izzat

  1. “No one watches you harder than the haters”. Very well said.


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