Suicide Awareness

On Monday nights, I take a class with a handful of gentlemen, and in this class we talk about relationships. We are a boisterous and broad spectrum bunch, and we all look out for one another. Our mission is simple-become better men. It has become a second home and high experience for me to live life one Monday at a time with them. An honor to understand what happens in other households, different cultures and educational levels, and mindsets that all work. I am honored to meet with these fellas every week. I will be sad when the class is over.

Tonight on the Gumball Head broadcast we discussed suicide awareness, prevention and triggers. Triggers are always something that arise in our day to day lives, and unfortunately we do not know what is going on….often until it is too late. These triggers can cause changes in our lives, both with our recovery and our relationships. Sometimes leading to relapse, legal troubles, loss of relationships and friends. However, in the end-sometimes these triggers can help us change a negative behavior as well. If we do what we can to understand why the events happen, who it affected, and what we will do to overcome the initial situation; it will help us to avoid the situation in the future. Suicide is included in this, the awareness of our own personal thoughts or the thoughts of others, and the influences outside entities have on us and our behaviors, is integral. Please feel free to watch the video below that was recorded live tonight. Feedback is welcome, shoot us an email at

Also, please head over to facebook and take a look at the page. All of our videos are broadcast live on Tuesday night at 9:30 pm eastern standard time. Follow and like our page to ensure you never miss a live broadcast.

Much metta and many bows


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