Self commitment is the act of following through with your goals and plans for what you deem to be satisfying. When addiction is in the picture, this creates a substantial amount of difficulty in determining what is genuinely satisfactory, and what is temporary satisfaction. When we work on ourselves individually, and begin to understand the underlying issues with our lives (in active addiction) we begin to understand the solution to the problem. Until we decide we are going to follow through with the completion of making ourselves happy, only then will we begin to understand what makes our lives worth any type of value.

Something that we lose sight of is simply ourselves. We buy ourselves nice things because we “deserve” them, but in the event that it begins to hurt others in the process, does this not create the illusion of an early onset addiction? We must pay attention to the things that we do, if not for bettering ourselves, then for bettering the world one person at a time. I think a lot of people could benefit from observing their current situation and changing what they can to make a better go of things. The things they cannot “alter” are things they need to determine how to live with. Check out this weeks broadcast below on Self Commitment to bettering oneself. If anything changes in your life as a result-then the deed is done.

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