Momentum is gained by action, not reaction. You must first put forth the effort in order to achieve innertia which in turn creates momentum and the influence of forward motion.

If we do not take the first step, we will never have the opportunity to see “where things go”. This is in regard to all things in life. If we do not put ourselves out there, how will we ever achieve what we portray as our dreams. While I have many dreams and hopes, I would never hurt or injure anyone to obtain my wishes, not intentionally anyway.

We don’t realize in reality how often we do that however, especially when we are set on a goal. I have read many success stories of “breaking free” from situations and relationships in the past and people overcoming the negative diversity and stigma attached as a result. They essentially become “successful” but is there really and measurable value to success? That reality belongs to its owner-noone else.

Momentum is an interesting concept that appeals to me. Shit rolls down hill, snowballing, top down leadership, assertion for reaction…..and many more. Break it down and here is what we have.

The center of a tootsie pop can be achieved in one of two ways. We lick or bite to get there….and that action is performed by us as individuals. If we look at hopes and dreams as the tootsie center, we rely on our actions to get there.

But what if we used a glass of water or juice to get to the center of the tootsie pop. This glass of water (represented by those in our lives that support us) can in essence help us to get to the middle, it just takes longer.

Who has time to wait anymore? Or has the patience? Noone….the world we live in is changing so rapidly that we dont have time to accommodate change, we have to deal with it as it happens, and can no longer plan for big decisions.

So, which type are you? Lick, bite or soak?

The only way to get to the tootsie, is by initiating the actions that lead us there. As we set the ball rolling…..and gain momentum….it is only a matter of time before you take it out of the water and bite the fuck out of it!

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