Violent Society

Man oh man is this one a doozy. This is probably one of the longest videos that GBH has posted to date, and it has a TON of information in it from what the definition of  violence is, how it holds a place in society, breaking down the underlying issues, video games, Frank Zappa and Tipper Gore and a little sprinkle of remembering the fallen on 9/11.

Violence is a misunderstood concept that varies in definition from person to person. I do not claim to be a professional or expert in the field of violence, but what I can say is I have personally fallen victim to violence myself, and it is no laughing matter. I apologize for the length of the video, and I apologize even more that it is a 2-part vid, but my battery died…..and we just worked with what we had. If you are my friend on facebook on my personal page, the entire video is there in one shot. The below videos however pretty much has all of the content that the other one does (I dual broadcast on personal page as well as Gumball Head).

In addition, if you want to see daily information that sparks up including motivational posts, occasional humor or a little something different, jump over to the facebook page and add us @gumballheadkzoo. We would love to hit 200 followers by the middle of September. Thank you for your support in my recovery, my intention of bringing awareness on many topics….and above all thank you for being here today.

Stay strong

Stay sober

Stay focused



Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2

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