Revisiting the Return to the Chaos of Normalcy

In April, I wrote about this topic. At that time, I had not been doing videos at that time yet. However, I always think about this topic. When I say always….I mean every single day….the day I decided to get sober, the ideas, concepts, hard work, the emotionally driven soul machine of changing my life not only in abstinence and sobriety, but informing people about the perils of addiction and the negative impact it has on us. I am not a professional in any field, but I have taken my real life experiences and I regularly dissect them. I also do my best to put a positive spin on everything I do. Many of you know me personally and you know I am flawed, but I acknowledge many of my flaws and attempt to amend them on the regular.

This is a longer video, but as usual there is a lot of information in this one. I did my best to place a realistic aspect on addiction as a whole. The video is attached as usual, but it ties into the April post of the same name. Enjoy, and thank you again for stopping by.


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